Welcome! I’m Mary. I love cooking, fresh cut flowers, the sea, wellness, and dark chocolate. Here, I share my love for fresh foods and whole cooking, some tips and tricks to cooking in teeny-tiny spaces, and bits of wisdom I've learned from the people and places that inspire me.   

Some of my favorite memories are rooted in food. Here you'll find laundry lists of what fills my heart, about all of the places and people and food that I love. Now and then you’ll find nostalgic glimpses of the season I spent farming by the sea in Maine. You’ll find memories of the years I spent living in Vermont, writings about my California hometown, and posts about the life I’m creating in my new Boston home. The recipes I share all have a sort of "taste of place" in my heart, inspired by the places, people, and shared meals I've experienced along the way.

I write about what brings me happiness, what motivates me, and what comforts me. I hope my words and recipes do the same for you. Happy reading and eating!